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Dec. 31st, 2037 11:59 pm
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Current Favourites

✳   supernatural / fantasy
✳   college au
✳   TFLN
✳   random scenario 3.0
✳   crossover -
🌙   kingdom hearts
🌙   pokemon
🌙   homestuck
🌙   harry potter
🌙   mad max
🌙   valdemar
🌙   blood blockade battlefront
✳   terrible job au -
🌙   call centre
🌙   night shift at a petrol station or convenience store
🌙   coffee cart in the height of summer
🌙   etc
✳   fluff of all shapes and sizes
✳   & a hundred other things I'm sure I'd love to play with you!

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Aug. 10th, 2015 01:03 am
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No one likes captcha.
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[Kageyama sleeps like he has no idea how it's supposed to be done. And really, Oikawa is throwing stones in glass houses to think so, but the fact that he's snoring ever so gently though his nose with his legs tangled in the sheets, one leg clean off the bed and his pillow half wedged under his back is ridiculous.

The fact that Oikawa thinks it's adorable is beside the point.

Oikawa yanks on the sheet to extract some of it from the mess Kageyama is entangled in, and pulls it over himself. One of these days, Kageyama is sure to realise that Oikawa gets up before him and brushes his teeth so that he always has fresh morning breath, but that penny hasn't dropped yet.

He allows himself a (small!) soft smile at the way Kageyama is even frowning in his sleep as he picks up his book to read until Kageyama wakes up.

This might be something he could call nice.]
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[A few days after confessing to Oikawa finds Tobio outside the gym after practice drinking a post-practice carton of milk and wondering if everyone's first love goes like this.

muffled teenage hormones in the background )
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[After three years of high school level practices, Kuroo's serve is approaching what he modestly calls "killer". It's a term he generally uses when he's around Bokuto (to rib him) or Kenma (to nudge him) but the real reason he says that is to set himself a goal to aim for. Dedicating himself to serving is dedicating himself to doing the best that he can for the times in the game where his team is least connected. But there's always room for improvement, and he's seen Karasuno's genius setter in action and knows that he's shaping up to be something special, which means he's a good someone to analyse.

Which is why Kuroo takes the opportunity to catch him by he arm as he sees him passing by outside the gym.]

Come practice with me for a bit?

[He jerks his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the gym. Given that this is a member of Karasuno who isn't Tsukishima, he has no doubt that the guy was headed off to practice somewhere else, so he might as well practice with Kuroo.]
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[There are some things you can only learn by closely watching other people.

After the last time Tobio asked Oikawa to teach him how to do the jump serve he had resigned himself to watch Oikawa's every movement to try and pick up the move that way instead of aproaching him again. Even if he hadn't felt particularly thrown off by the threat of physical harm, Iwaizumi had told him it would be best to keep his distance. And listening to Iwaizumi could never do anyone any harm.

After practice, when the gym is empty and he's the only one left, he recalls Oikawa's legs and the way his muscles moved. Recalls the arch of his body as he jumps. Recalls the way his hand moves to the perfect spot to spike the ball across the net and back onto the court before his opponent even realizes what happened.

He works until his own jump serve is a crude aproximation and then goes on to finetune it for hours every single day, and for a while it works.

But one night he can't sleep, alone in the dark or his bedroom, and recalls Oikawa's legs and imagines how they would look wrapped around him. Recalls the arch of his body and wonders what it would feel like pressed alongside his own. Recalls the way his hand moves and shivers at the thought of it sliding over his body and replacing his own hand on his dick.

He gets into the habit of masturbating to thoughts and memories of his captain to wind down at the end of the day, and for a while it works.

More and more often he finds observation and imagination overlapping, sitting on the sidelines as Oikawa practices his jump serves Tobio has to draw his knees up to hide his hard-on from the rest of the team while he bites his lip to focus himself back on the game. Once or twice he even has to excuse himself from practice to fix his problem in the bathroom because he can't make it go away through sheer willpower. And that's when it becomes a problem.

He could deal with it if it didn't interfere with volleyball but it does and refuses to miss practice over something so stupid. A sensible person would find a solution on their own, or else talk to someone who can be trusted.

No one has ever accused Tobio of being sensible.

The only way he knows how to solve a problem is with blunt force and head on. Which brings him to approach Oikawa after practice.


[If he can figure out how to phrase his problem that is.]


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